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DY-8000(M) Microbial Rapid Detection System

The product can be used in many industries such as food production enterprises, major events protection, water quality and environmental protection, food service enterprises, daily chemical products manufacturing, medical and health care, pharmaceutical research, etc.

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DY-8000(M) Microbial Rapid Detection System

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  • Easy operation: no need for pre-treatment and multi-gradient dilution. 

  • To realize grassroots detection: no need for professional laboratory and professional personnel to operate. 

  • Complete testing items: realize quantitative and qualitative of common conventional bacteria pathogenic bacteria 

  • Quick testing: Microbiological testing can produce results in 2-5 hours at the earliest. 

  • Portable equipment: testing can be conducted anywhere and anytime 

  • Safe and reliable: no leakage, no need for post-treatment, instant sterilization by pressing the top of the bottle cap

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* Sensitivity:1CFU/mL(g)

* Range: 1~9 × 109CFU/mL or CFU/g

* Specificity:99.999%

* Wavelength range: 400~680nm

* Software compatible operating system: XP, Vista, Windows

* Sample wells: Each test well has independent temperature control and incubation capability, allowing simultaneous microbial determination at different incubation temperatures.

* Photodetector: A matrix chip composed of three photodiodes, each with a different color filter, and a filter placed on top of the photodetector to cut near-infrared radiation

* Data management: Direct export of test result documents in PDF and other formats

* Fully automatic analysis: automatic stop at the end of detection, compatible with different computer operating environments and different databases All detection traces can be tracked and queried by the built-in chip.

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