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Lactoscan SP60 Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer

Lactoscan SP ultrasonic milk analyzer makes a revolution in the milk collection – the milk analysis passes from milk laboratories towards milk collecting centers, farms, and small dairy farms. With 12 V adapters, milk analysis can be moved on the milk collection trucks.

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Lactoscan SP Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer

  1. User-friendly ultrasonic milk analyzer: simple in operation, maintenance, calibration and installation;

  2. Cleaning with peristaltic pump;

  3. Portable and compact design;

  4. Very small quantity of milk required;

  5. Low power consumption;

  6. No use of hazardous chemicals;

  7. Measuring accuracy adjustment can be done by the user RS232 Interface;

  8. ESC POS Printer Support;

  9. Two samples self-calibration;

  10. Easily readable results;

  11. Possibility of connecting pH probe;

  12. Integrated pH and conductivity measuring;

  13. Function Real time clock;

  14. USB;

  15. One year full warranty;

SP60 Ultrasonic Lactoscan Milk Analyzer Dairy Ingredients Analysis PH Fat Testing Point 0

Measure RangeAccuracy
FATfrom 0.01% to 45%±0.06%
Solids-non-fat (SNF)from 3% to 40%±0.15%
Densityfrom 1015kg/m³ to 1160kg/m³±0.3kg/m³
Proteinfrom 2% to 7%±0.15%
Lactosefrom 0.01% to 6%±0.2%
Added water
from 0% to 70%
Milk sample temperaturefrom 1°C to 40 °C±1%
Freezing pointfrom –0.4°C to –0.7°C±0.001%
Saltsfrom 0.4% to 1.5%±0.05%
pHfrom 0 to 14±0.05%
Conductivityfrom 3mS/cm to 14mS/cm±0.05%
Total solidsfrom 0% to 25%±0.17%

A Solution Designed to Answer the Needs of Small-medium Dairies & Milk Collection Points. Could test Fats, Solid non-fats, Density, Protein, Lactose Salts, Temperature, pH, Conductivity etc.

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